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Panther Payments offers financial institutions market-changing products focusing on Person to Person (P2P) electronic payment systems with a foundation that is flexible and extensible; enabling it to process many other payment types from various different platforms and accounts.


The P2P payments landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years, and Panther is proud to be at the forefront. The rapid growth of this industry attracted an array of companies to this space. However, the vast majority of these companies have positioned themselves as competitors to the traditional banks, siphoning off billions of dollars in both fees and demand deposit account balances from those financial institutions.


Panther has taken a strategic role and has a value proposition which provides a consumer centric approach but keeps the banks themselves as the main purveyors of the P2P solution that their existing customers engage with. This has led to energized discussions with prospective banking customers that have been struggling with the ever-changing P2P landscape. 

Panther has three P2P product offerings which enable financial institutions to drive revenue, maximize balances in the demand deposit account, and attract and retain consumers:

  • Panther's “Commit and Settle” - instantaneous P2P payments capabilities directly from any demand deposit account to any demand deposit account,

  • “Payment Launch Pad” - gives consumers the ability to manage multiple third party accounts from their banking app,

  • Panther's “Bring it Home” - an automated approach to transferring funds from 3rd party accounts back to a demand deposit account at the bank.

The Panther executive team is extremely well known to CTOs and COOs of North America’s largest financial institutions which has enabled Panther to garner the attention of the banks at the highest levels. 

We are so excited to continue our work in the P2P industry, and help improve the banking experience for everyone involved. 

A new and exciting person to-person payment system.


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